I am using windows XP with SP2. recently it got affected by Funny UST scandal.avi.exe virus. This is creating an exe with the above name and another file - "smss.exe" in very partition. It is clogging the memory, not allowing to edit folder options, very abruptly closing the open exe windows(really irritates if the setup wizard suddenly vanishes in the middle!!). Occasionally using Ubuntu live cd i delete those files in all the partitions but they reappear again and cause a lot of trouble. My Symantec Antivirus is unable to detect it.

Can anybody help me get this fixed...plz?

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have you done a system restore ?
unless you block the program that bring it back; it will continue !


i havent created a restore point :( ..

without can i do a system restore..?

In fact i have never done a system restore..so dont know much about it..

system restore point are created by the XP system; so restore a system restore point will be allowed if you have (i.e.
windows or virus) has not deleted them !
So go to (with mouse, assuming its still working )
All Program
System Tools and click on System restore
Then you have to say yes to system restore
and choose a date before the problem - system restore
points are in bold on dates.
If it does it then you're back to how you were configured
at that date.
Some of the viruses these days are really nasty - they come back !
So after that go in fail safe Mode and create another user
say if u r using user name abc - make it abc1.
and then connect to the new user.
remember the virus(es) is/are still on disk no longer active in memory. Do a combofix - you'll find many examples in daniweb forums - please try not using your computer for internet access (so get program ComboFix from a friend) until you've finished with combofix. And then you'll be OK until the next threat. Please use only one Antivirus

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