I've got a system with windows xp sp2 on it and the desktop background has been changed
to a html page thats like some kind of collage of animations and web pages. Selecting display properties from the desktop or control panel to change the background will not work cause it will not let you select a diffrent one. spybot finds like bunches of malware but it is having trouble deleting them. The pop up blocker is turned off and can't be turned back on
windows update freezes when you run it. nothing seems to work, all I know to do is a clean install but I would like to aviod that HELP ME PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN!

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Sounds like you got a lot more than just a Hijacked Desktop.

Please have a look at my linky here--> PhilliePhan's Malware Cleaning Steps

Please obtain the HJT Log (if you want to update to Trend Micro's version of HJT, that's cool) and also do the ESET online scan step.

Please post those logs in this thread and I'm sure somebody would be happy to help you.

PP :)

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