what is worm? and how to make that and i want to run an anti-porn to my work group via worm
and my work group or computer shop is to large bcoz im running a 100hundred PC

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A worm is a program that can self replicate... make copies of itself... and send those to other computers on a network without any specific user action, such as you don't need to send an infected email or file cos the worm is capable of doing that itself. So if you made your anti-porn worm it would not stay in your business network, it would head out into the world. And that would make you a criminal, even if it was an anti-porn worm, cos porn is not illegal in most places, just perhaps undesirable. What you need is a site blocker, a net nanny, and there are lots of those pgms out there, free or paid.
Good luck.

ok but what is the good one to make my anti-porn to self run...? and i think making a worm is not illegal coz their is no law for that...am i ryt

but how to create a worm......?

Read my lips. You are not going to get the answer here.
Thread closed.

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