My ISP provides internet Over LAN & uses "Cyberoam 24online" client To authenticate to the Server. Check the link for detail http://www.elitecore.com/cyberoam.htm

I have to keep logged in with this Client to use internet.. Now the Problem Part:-
when u use this client Software, it kind of exhibits Firewall behaviour & Blocks all the Popular Ports(7,80,21,137,139) on the Perticular ethernet Interface. u cant even ping the Machine. but still i managed to run FTP using the Port 2121. BUT recently 3 days back my isp upgraded the Software & now the Problem is that the bandwidth of all inbound & outbound TCP connections from the Lan card do not Cross more than 128 kbps. Now this is pathetic as i suffer alot on my home LAN. Even if i have to copy something from my PC to Laptop -- it will only Download/upload with the 128 kbps(be it Any port) which used to be over 5mbps earlier
Can u tell me if there is some Registry setting where u can bound the Bandwidth of a Certain ethernet NIC or can ports be blocked from Registry.

pls help me out with this -- Im Attaching the Software with the MSG so pls Take a Look what can be Done

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