Since yesterday i have a problem with my computer. My PC is infected by some kind of virus when i was trying to install one program for unpacking rar files with passwords, from mininova:(
Result is - all icons on desktop and taskbar is showing for 30sec and then they all disappeare and again appeare 2 times and then again vanish and there is only background with wallpaper and mouse arrow. So i tried to solve the problem - Task Manager -> File -> New Task -> explorer, and they appeare again for only 30 sec. Then File->New Task->regedit.exe -> hkey_local_machine -> Software->Microsoft->Windows NT-> Current version-> winlogon in Shell i retype Explorer.exe but noting happen, the problem still exists.
I scanned it with nod32 and then with SuperAntiSpyware, but again no results.
I am not an expert so if anybody can explain me in simple words what would i do to solve the problem. Thanks!

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This is most probably caused by the malware "F-Nimda"

The SHELLFIX.REG (download below) file is used to fix Explorer startup problems
resulted from unconditional termination of F-Nimda tool during
its operation.

If F-Nimda tool is terminated by a user or operating system while
it is scanning a hard disk, there will be no icons and no taskbar
on Windows desktop. To fix the problem you will have to run the

Info here:



Also, post a hijackthis log

HI. I know the solution for this kind of problem what you have to do is....

1. hit ctrl+alt+delete
2. New task, browse C:\windows.
3. Copy explorer and paste it in C:\windows. rename it explore.
4. Open regedit in C:\windows.
5. Hkey_local_machines\software\microsoft\windows nt\current version\winlogon. (single click on winlogon)
6. Double click on shell (which is in the column beside winlogon). In the place where it is written explorer.exe write C:\windows\explore.exe (the new one you just pasted)
7. hit ctrl+alt+delete.
8.newtask, browse C:\windows\explore.exe.

This would solve your problem


Thanks for advice, but i resolve the problem, i format my disc:)
And i've tried that, but it didn't help me.

Thank you my dear friend...

Thanks a lot...

I was so disappointed with this shitty virus/malware that affected to my laptop.

Its been solved with your valuable suggessions.

Thanks again buddy.


Thanks a lot. You saved me a lot of time and aggravation.
I had exactly the same problem and I followed your advice. It worked perfectly for me.

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