Having problems with a laptop, not sure what caused it.

Cleaned some Bars out of IE (hotbar, yahoo) and today the computer can't connect to the net. Checking with ad aware nothing poped up, and not sure why it can't connect.. i think it's something still suck in the system

i get this message while trying to connect to google.com.


fishy huh..

also noticed adaware can update it's self, but outlook and IE can't
and idea? suggestions

can't run windows updater so that's not an option

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Definitely a spyware/adware problem; the mention of HotBar and web.yoursearchfinder.com tells us that much. I'm moving this to our Security forum; have a look through previous threads there to find out how to download and use the HijachThis utility. Run the program and paste the contents of the log file it generates in a new post in this thread.


When updating AdAware, check that the little update window doesnt say something like " New version released" or similar.
Check to see you have the latest version (They recently did a new free version)
Once updated, it will remove the registry keys/values associated with yoursearchfinder.

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