Hello GUys
I HAve A Very Serious Problem ..I Have This RailA Odinga Virus/Worm.I HAve Tried Downloading NOD32 But All What AHppens Is hat My Computers JUst FREEZE ..

Does Anyone HAve A Solution To This or What..

My Major Problem IS That It IS Making Vopies OF Normal Word Documents Into EXE files And it IS Replicating itself Pn The Server .

How Can I Sort THe Above Mentioned Problem ???

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Look for in Safe Mode (tap lightly F8 key while rebooting and select Safe Mode) this file using Windows Explorer (may have to enable Hidden Files and delete it:

c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\Raila Odinga.exe

Install SuperAntiSpyware and run it in Safe Mode. Get CCleaner at www.ccleaner.com and clean all temp files. Report back with a HijackThis file if you still have issues. I hear BTW he is a cousin of Obama and I doubt seriously his fans had anything to do with this malware. Most likely his oppenents.



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