everytime i scan this flash there is this virus Trojan horse..and i see that a bunch of folders that i did not creat see to be created...even after deleting the virus these folders keep coming back..what do i get rid of them for GOOD!! please help

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When you say scan this flash do you mean a flash drive or flash download or what?
What are you using for a scan? How are you deleting it? Are you using the scan program to clean it or are you just deleting? If you are just deleting the folders created then that means you are not deleting the trojan, just the files created by it. You will have to remove that actual trojan itself and the containing file too in order to stop it from creating files. Remember, many of these nasties create OTHER copies of themselves in other places on the computer, those have to be removed also. Many also require special programs AND specific steps to guarantee total removal.
Please post back with more information...especially flash what? Also, what is the name of the trojan, where is it actually located?


Its a flash dik. I use symantec antivirus to delete the virus. And I manually delete the files created in the flash disk. those are the files that keep on coming back even when after deleting the virus......I have scanned my computer there was no threat found...hope this helps.

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