I really had a bad hair day yesterday. I was talking to someone on IM when my laptop suddenly conked out. I tried to restore it to the usual Microsoft setting but it just won't. As per the notice prompted, there was no other choice left but to fix my laptop; it was a virus that corrupted my system, that I'm pretty sure; what I am not sure of is how to fix it right after I reinstalled the OS. My OS is Vista. Anybody who has an idea? I would truly appreciate it.

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Hi, sorry about your difficulties. If you are absolutely certain that the virus has completely been removed then here are some links which may help;



I have to stress though, you must be absolutely sure that the virus is really gone, otherwise you will find yourself in the same situation. If I may ask, what was the name of the virus, where was it located, and most importantly how did you remove it?

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