Hello all, I have just joined as was reconmmended by a friend. I have the iexplorer virus on my laptop so cannot access the internet although i am connected. Obviously I cannot therefore download any software from internet to get rid of it. Can anyone help? Am on mums computer!

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How do you know for certain that this is what is on the computer? What happens when you try to connect to the internet? Do you get a blank page or what?

Since you seem to have another computer to use, try to do the following;
Download ATF-Cleaner to the disk along with Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware
Take the disk with these programs on it to the infected computer and run them. First the ATF-Cleaner.
Click on ATF-Cleaner to run it
-- Where it says Select Files To Delete, Check the Select All Option
-- Click Empty Selected > OK
If you are running Firefox or Opera browsers also on the computer allow it to clean out both of those also.
Next run the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program. Of course without internet you are not going to be able to update that program but at least you will have the basic files there to hopefully be able to clean. Let it run and have it remove everything it finds.
Now since you don't have internet of course you won't be able to copy/paste the log it produces here, if you have a printer that can work on the machine then print out the log.
Then come back here and at least give us the infected files found...their names and their full location. May take awhile I know but at least it is a start.

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