(Ive scanned most of the threads here for this problem but couldnt seem to find anything similar).

The computer in question is running Xp home and is connected via dial up.

My husband borrowed my sons computer to check his email, and he opened what he thought was a letter from his lawyer, instead it was a Trojan horse.
I wasnt there when the computer shut itself down and I didnt get to see what AVGFree did at the time.
Today I ran AVG and found virus dropper.small and Trojan horse Agent 3.R.
The dropper small was healed but the Agent 3.R was sent to the vault.
I then shut down system restore and ran the antivirus again and this time it was clean.
I shut down the computer and restarted and tried to do F8, but it started up windows as normal. (I intend to try to go to safe mode again if I can get the connection problem sorted). I then ran AVG again, still ok. I ran Spybot search and destroy (it found Myway only). So I put system restore back on and tried to connect to the internet.
Now Im getting an error 366 that the modem is not configured or is in use. There is no dial tone at all. I did a diagnostic on the modem and it said it is working fine.
I checked the PORTS and found that under ports I only had com1 and com2, but the modem says its connected to com6.
Im wondering if the trojan has changed the modem settings somehow. I have googled this all day today, making my way finally to this site (thankfully).

Obviously without an internet connection I cant download extra programs to run scans.
So I need to figure out how this modem thing happened and how to fix it.
(the modem was not disconnected at anytime and the setting werent changed by us either).

Id appreciate any help or ideas please, Ive wasted an entire day sitting in front of his computer and havent gotten very far.



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