Well, I found THIS site by searching Google with that error message. I read a post from someone who had the same problem, and he was asked to download Hijack This and save a log file. Then he posted it on this site, and was given advice about what to fix. So I joined DaniWeb, thinking someone could do the same for me. Am I missing something here?
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If you're having problems with that exact error message, then I suggest searching Google with that error message surrounded by quotes. For instance,

Google search for "bridge.dll"+spyware yielded 13,300 results. I'm sure one of those 13,300 posts can lead you in a good direction.

Personally, I wouldn't want someone just telling me to disable things without first knowing what was being disabled, and why it was being disabled. Now, with references such as Google and the search functions in forums like this one, you are now able to figure out what is relevant to your particular situation.

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If you felt like you were being brushed off, I'd like to offer an apology.

We're a relatively new (and relatively small) support site, those of us who moderate and/or provide advice do so on our free time and on a strictly volunteer basis, and to be quite honest, this "spyware" epidemic has overwhelmed us a bit.

Our membership has grown from about 6,000 members to nearly 10,000 members in less than a month, and the vast majority of those new members have joined because they're having spyware-related problems. Put simply, the number of people seeking/needing help has far outstripped the number of member who have the expertise to answer the questions.

Also- because the spyware/adware/hijackware programs are morphing and multiplying almost daily, it takes a lot of time and research on our parts to ensure that we're giving correct advice in terms of solutions. Due to that fact we will sometimes ask that members try previously-suggested solutions first (and will provide the links/resources for them to do so); it's simply a question of not having the time and/or "peoplepower" to address every one of these problems on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Again- our apologies, but I hope my explanation makes things a bit more understandable.

- Dave (DMR)

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