how to remove virus manually??
does any one know how to remove virus manually from ms dos i know upto some extent but not completely if some one know then plz post......

Hi Himanshu,

This is a very vast area we're talking about.
Do you need help, or do you just want to find out more about malware removal?

wht exactly want is how to remove manually virus(unwanted programs) manually by ms dos i use to do that through attrib but not exactly to do so to all of them so is there any way by which i may delete all or can say almost all of the virus through dos...

You need to know the file names and paths to delete them.
However, some files are locked because of the malware infection, in which case we have to go for kernel level deletion.
This is not possible in command prompt.

Some of the files you have attempted to delete fit the above criteria.

Try this :

attrib -R -S -H filename.ext

and press enter.

This may not work if the file is locked, in which case we may have to use special tools.

not able to get the meaning of lucked...
sory... :(

coz by attrib v may bale to get those fils of attribs by this v may able to delete the virus like

Locked - The file cannot be deleted by the user on the system. Even if the user is an Administrator, because of the permissions set on the file by the System.

coz by attrib v may bale to get those fils of attribs by this v may able to delete the virus like

I'm sorry, I do not understand this part of your post.

v may able to change attrib of some of the files like (it is a virus)

may i have some example of locked files ..........

Hi Himanshu,
As you can see in this post, the user cannot delete the file, because "It is in use by another application".
But when you look at the running processes, you see that it's not running in the background.
This is a perfect example of a locked file.

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