I am getting redirected to random websites when I click on search engine links and I also get a "Failed to Connect" message when I try to access anti virus web sites. My AVG earlier today detected "trojan horse SHeur:chkn" today.
AVG and my computer freezes up before i can clear any of this up. I tried clicking on some of the links to download that were mentioned in other post regarding the same issue but i can't because of the failed to connect message.

Any suggestions what i can do?

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I've been working on a PC all morning with the same issues. it's been about four hours now and I decided that I'm just reformatting. I can't even get HiJackThis to install. Spybot isn't picking anything else up and neither is AVG or Avast.

In this case I reccommend a reformat.


Here is a step by step. Your product key is located on a sticker on your computer

1. First, make sure that your computer is set to Boot to CD. This is a different procedure depending on your computer. When your computer first boots look for an option to enter the BIOS settings. Under the BIOS settings find the "Boot Order" and make sure the CD-ROM is set to boot first.

2. With the Windows XP CD in the CD-ROM drive, save your BIOS settings and exit.

3. If you've done everything correctly you should be asked to "Press Any Key to Boot from CD".

4. After installing the necessary setup files, Windows XP will display your partitions. Delete any existing partitions by selecting the desired partition with the arrow keys, press D to delete and then L to confirm the deletion.

5. You should now have only one option, "Unpartitioned Space". Press Enter to install Windows XP to the unpartitioned space.

6. When asked how you would like to format the partition, select "Format using the NTFS (Quick) file system".

7. After the partition is formatted, Windows XP will begin installation. The computer will reboot. While the computer is rebooting, please do not touch any keys. From now on the screens will look like the following:

8. Enter your product key. If you purchased Windows XP from the IMU Bookstore, the product key will be located on the back of the sleeve your CD came in. If you are reformatting using a Windows XP CD that came with your computer, the product key may be located on a sticker somewhere on your computer case.

9. When asked for Network Settings, choose "Typical Settings".

10. Windows XP will now complete installation. Upon completion you will need to re-install the drivers for your hardware (Modem, Sound, Video, etc). Many PC companies such as Dell, Gateway, and HP will include a "Driver Installation CD" with the computer. Simply insert the CD and follow the instructions. Otherwise, you can download current drivers from many manufacturer's support web sites.

11. Next turn on the Internet Connection Firewall. Instructions to turn on the Internet Connection Firewall can be found here.

12. Reconnect your computer to the Network.

13. Run Windows Update by opening Internet Explorer, then clicking on Tools -> Windows Update. Follow the on-screen instructions for installing critical updates.

14. Restart your computer.


well, the best solution (in my opinion), is to uninstall your current antivirus, and install the best antivirus in market... kaspersky. It's not free, but it has one month free trial, so you can install it, delete everything, keep it for a month, and then see what happens. It has very good algorithms of finding the cracked keys, so it's gonna be difficult to make it work further than a month (unless you buy it of course), but if it deletes all the viruses, it's gonna be ok for you

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