I seriously need your help, i was wondering if anyone could help me get rid of the Malware virus on my I/E. I am a complete novice with computers and i am not sure where to start. Please help!!

Hi Kat, Welcome to daniweb. To begin you need to go to this link Follow the directions given by PhilliePhan.
There are links to various programs and scans you need to do, be sure to save the logs requested and post them back here. If PP says have the program FIX what is found, please do so. Now one of the steps he requests is running the DeckardScanner DSS, but it is NOT available at this time so instead of doing that the LAST step you need to complete will be running a Full System Scan with HiJackThis and saving that log.
Once you have completed all those steps then post right back here with those requested logs and I'll have a look and see if anything else needs to be done.
Just take your time, these scans pretty much run themselves so just let them run. Don't do anything else on the computer while they are running and you will do just fine.