This may seem stupid but I'm just curious. What do you guys think is the best Anti-Virus program?
My favorite is McAfee.
Feel free to share your's.

In my opinion, Kaspersky is the best.. well,so far..

AVG works for me -it's where I have ended up.... it has not let me down, is unobtrusive, it is easy on resources and the downloads go thru every day faultlessly. No need for me to look at others right now.

Hm. AVG is good. I have that on my desktop.
One of my good friend debates with me that Norton is better than AVG. I've tried to tell him the flaws in that program but he is content with what he has. As long as he doesn't get himself a virus using it, I'll leave him where he is. (For I don't like to get in arguments with my friends over stupid things like that.)

Contentment is important. My AVG is free. That is important also.

Contentment is important. My AVG is free. That is important also.

I know it is. I just don't want something to harm his computer because he has Norton. I've been told how virus makers make them so they track down comps using Norton, how the virus can over ride the scan so that it looks like it is scanning the comp, but in reality, isn't, etc.
Both my AVG and my McAfee were free. The guys at the place I bought my desktop put AVG on it free of charge, and a close friend of mine put McAfee on my laptop for free!!! :icon_biggrin: I'm glad I have cool friends!!!

Nothing really. Just thought twas interesting how you had references.

I'm always interested in protection of my pc and the link from dani's blogs got my attention previously.