hi guys. i have a problem with my computer. i can't show hidden files/folders on my computer. i've even tried showing them through the registry keys related but somehow the values i change seem to default to their previous values. I've also noticed a file in my flashdisk even after formatting and reformatting it E.COM .i suspect that this is a virus and i've tried to scan it with Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 but it is seen as a normal file. I need to be able to show the hidden files since this file itself is hidden and cannot be deleted manually. your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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This is not where this question should be asked, you won't get any answers here, this is a Poll thread. Please create your OWN thread stating your problems, AFTER following the steps given HERE
especially steps #8 and #9 followed by a scan with HiJackThis that can be found HERE
Create your own thread, state your problems and then include the logs from the three programs above. Be sure to follow instructions for the two scans EXACTLY, including FIXING with MBA-M.
Then somebody will be able to help you.

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