I think the spyware has really gotten bad on my computer. When i turn on the computer it goes to the windows login screen i type in my password and it never logs in. It just sits there with a hour glass forever. I think there is a lot of stuff running in the background. I did CTR ALT DEL and it shows the CPU usage at 100%. Anybody out there that might be able to give some suggestions to help me. Thanks!

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What process is maxing out the processor (check the processes tab)?
If you kill the process that is taking all the processor (right-click the process and select "End Process"), does your system start up?

Can you start up in Safe Mode?


Umm, actually now when you try CTRL ALT DEL nothing happens. After i type in my password on the login screen it loads up the background picture on my desktop and the toolbar is just solid blue. When you roll the mouse over it turns to an hour glass. Im gonna try to boot up in safe mode. What should i do once im in SAFE MODE? Thanks!


Safe Mode wont start either. but if i login to my other user account then i can access the CTRL ALT DEL. the three processes running the highest CPU is msmsgs.exe, explorer.exe and svchost.exe, also there are like five svchost.exe running is this right? Ending the msmsgs.exe did nothing and still nothing boots in the start toolbar.


Considering that you can't start your system up, it's hard to say what the actual issue is.

See if you can access the Recovery Console. If you can load it up, run the following command:

chkdsk /r

Let it run until it's finished. Reboot and see if it had any effect.

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