hiii...Last week my pc got attacked by some viruses..though avg 8 was already installed it wasnt able to kill that virus..so i switched to kaspersky AV 2009... That did the trick... kaspersky killed all the viruses.... but now XP sp2 is reinstalled and McAfee 8.5 is installed... it has an on acess scan thingy... what is your opinion abt it??..Is Mcafee 8.5 good enough??... or should i get a newer version or another AV?..I dont want my PC to be too slow by installing norton.. But my pc is vulnerable to viruses as i browses the internet... Hope u would help me...

eagerly waiting for your help

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yeah...I know it..Kaspersky is superb... but will it slow down my pc?.... moreover McAfee is compact and simple.... I want to know whether its well updated and efficient !!


The simple answer is No. This McAfee product is no longer available, therefore this must the the one included on the install disk which came with your computer. I searched the McAfee site for information on this version and this is the page I got, see attached. If it is no longer available then very likely this also means updates either are no longer available or will end shortly.
As for Kaspersky, it gets very good reviews and it worked for you so am not certain of why you are questioning it. I have not seen anywhere, in any reviews that it slows the computer. You said that

avg 8 was already installed it wasnt able to kill that virus..so i switched to kaspersky AV 2009.

Now Kaspersky cleaned the machine, but you question whether it will slow the machine. If you installed that Kaspersky program with AVG 8 still running on the machine, then yes, it possibly would slow the machine. Not because of that actual program but because that would mean you had two anti-virus programs running on one machine. That is a No-No. Rule is ONE anti-virus program running on a computer. More than one and the computer can be slowed AND protection can most definitely be lessened.

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Hey..Thank you so much for your comments... No I didnt install kaspersky along with avg... kaspersky wanted avg to be completely uninstalled ..even the registry files of avg was removed.. ... yeah i think my current mcafee AV is an old version... i have got kaspersky 2009 AV... should i install it?...I found it very efficient and quick.. my only confusion is that should i install kaspersky AV or should i go for kaspersky complete internet security 2009?!! As i am regular internet user and often uses pen drives and very worried... should i go for internet security suite.. what are its advantages over Kaspersky AV 2009?



hi everyone...I have one more doubt... I am going to install kaspersky AV 2009... but the problem is where should i install it?... my D drive has almost 130 gb free space... but Xp is installed in C drive... which is the proper drive to which AV should be installed?

eagerly waiting for your reply


It is best to install it in the C drive. Also note that no 2 antiviruses should be installed at the same time, it might cause your computer to crash.

Choosing between Internet Security and the antivirus is really up to you. Internet Security products provide an extra; firewall and antispyware which you need if you don't already have them.


If you are familiar with HEX EDITING servers for hacking computers using remote trojans that have been tagged and are detectable by common antiviruses. You can hex edit your remote trojan to not be detected by an antivirus. Without explaining this difficult process I will say Kaspersky is a pain in the neck to get past! BEST AVP you can get is Kaspersky! You were on the right track using it. I have used stealthed trojans, and norton and mcafee wont detect them, and I run it on a kaspersky machine and it doesnt detect it, then after a little while of messing around in themachine sending commands to the remote machine BOOM .. it detects it as a generic trojan. I hate it as much as I love it personally. Good thing not everyone uses it though :)


Just found this

This McAfee product is no longer available

Yes it is, i have a perpetual licence for this via my work and it still recieves regular definition updates etc... from mcaffee. My version is McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7.0i, of which OAS is a part.

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