Dear All,

I've three PC were connected to LAN, I was created a folder in one PC (PC A) examp ("test" folder), this folder shared to another client with same permission (only ReadOnly acces),
but i'm so confused in (PC B) i can access this folder properly but on the other one (PC C)
i've got this error message :

Please contact administrator........
Access Denied !

I tried to run antivirus scanner (symantec antivirus) but i did'nt found any virus.

Anyone have suggestion ?? Please....

Thx N B Regards


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This may or not be the problem but it's worth looking.

Go to Start then Run, type Regedit and OK

Go down the hierarchy HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Lsa

entry restrictanonymous should have value 0 (zero) - if it has value 1 (one) that's probably your issue.

caveat...you will open that workstation's permissions by changing this value.


This may not be the exact same thing, but I had a problem similar to this. It was caused by the file sharing command. I had to take "ownership" of the folders and files in both the Administrator mode and in the Owner. Here is the Microsoft page with the information: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/810881
You need to do the commands in the Safe Mode (F8); sign on as Administrator.
Hope this helps...
--Old Yeller

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