The question goes like that: How to run realtime scanner of Spyboat S&D without activating the whole full scanning issue. Also I want it to be at the tray instead of task bar

Thanks for your help!

Have you looked around in advanced mode and looked through the settings and tools to see if it has what you want - then check out spywareblaster which has about 11,ooo items in its protection db. -- is this what you might be looking for?

i think it had to be chosen when you installed spybot ,

Duh! I keep forgetting that - when I wanted to make some changes to my mom's settings I had to uninstall/re-install it, change the settings, uninstall/re-install it - drove me crazy trying to get to the dashboard until I remembered. I did not want mom to have to do anything except log in and go to her AOL e-mail. She does not want to know anything else.