Hi all,

I don't know what is the name of this virus is, but let me tell you.
It stays in my flash drive. Whenever I plug in the flash, the drive icon changes to folder icon. At first I didn't notice about it at all. But it had disabled the task manger (I'm using Windows XP). So I fixed the task manager by going to regedit, then I open the task manager seeing one process call Generic.exe which makes my PC slow down if I use right click on desktop to refresh. Then I end this process, and my PC runs faster.
Now that I scanned my PC for virus with AVG free 8.0..nothing happens. Then I turn on the "Hide Protected operating system files (Recommended)" and I saw there're one hidden folder and one file in the flash: RECYCLE & autorun.inf.

Now my problem is even I deleted this folder and this file, 2seconds later it come out again..and again.

Please help give me solution to my PC and the flash.


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hi friend, can't you get another antivirus or update the one you have already? you could also try scanning with Malbyte's anti malware.


Hi c-tech,
Thank for your reply. I have already updated my anti virus DB already, but nothing help.
But I have come up with the solution when I plug the flash in my friend's pc which installed MCafee.


copy all the important stuff off your flash drive (USB) and then reformat the USB, do a full FORMAT and then copy all your files back onto the USB.....

This will remove everything



from what i see i think your machine is infected by a virus already and that's why every time you plug in the flash the files get copied on. Do a whole system scan and did you also try what i had suggested download Malwarebytes' antimalware from here http://www.majorgeeks.com/Malwarebytes_Anti-Malware_d5756.html . scan your system and see if it comes up with anything. delete every infection found.

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