On 11/17 I got a facebook email that said it was from a friend saying "You've been filmed! Haven't you noticed?" and the text was WOW LOL http://and a really long link. I of course clicked on it being the dumba** that I am :) and it said "link expired or removed". Then I googled it and it said it was a virus that if I clicked the link, would bring me to a website of porn and then install a trojan. I thought I was in the clear because 1) I didn't reach a website, and 2) I ran my full NOrton 2009 system scan and it didn't find anything. However, ever since, I have been unable to connect to the inet. It says "no connection available", although I have 2 computers connecting to it just fine. I've been on the phone to my isp, who referred me to Dell, who tried to run an ipconfig (it wouldn't) and to restore my system to an earlier date (it wouldn't) so then referred me to Norton, who can't help me because I can't connect to them from the infected pc because the nature of the infection is I can't connect to the internet. Any ideas on what my next step should be?

We need more info on the specific computer. What os is it running? Do you currently have an anti-virus program on it? Do you have a firewall on it?

dell dimension 8400 xp running norton antivirus 2009. I don't know about firewall.

Oh,yes, I have windows firewall enabled.

I just uninstalled NAV2009 thinking that may be the problem as I just upgraded to that (with much ado) the same day the problems started. But still no ability to connect from my pc

How are you normally connected to the internet?
Since you have other computers able to connect to the internet use one of those to download MBA-M. Save it to a disk and then take it to the infected computer and install. You won't be able to update it but maybe you can still run it and remove the culprit. It is worth a try.
One other thing, have you tried booting to Safe Mode with Networking? That might give you something to try also.
Also download HiJackThis executable file to one of the good computers, save that to a disk and take it to the infected computer. Run a full system scan and HOPEFULLY you will be able to save it to a disk, take it to one of the other computers and post it here. Do the same with the MBA-M log if you are able to run it. Really would like to at least the HJT log though if possible.

Thanks, it seems when I finally was able to remove NAV09, I could connect, but it is moving sooooooo slowly now. I did buy Mcafee since I didn't want to be naked out there; maybe that's what it is. At least now I can let verizon access my computer and see if they can figure something out. Thanks so much for your help. I may still do your suggestion, too, since this dragging may still be a virus.

You really should follow the instructions given. We need to see those logs, the computer should NOT be dragging.