SO this happens everytime I go online. LSA Shell Export Version suddenly shuts down and then after I click send error report.. another box will pop up saying I have 60 seconds to save everything and the system will restart. this happens everytime, and now its happening again so Im typing really fast right now. Id appreciate any help offered. Thanks so much...

You can disable the shutdown with this:
click start
click run
type shutdown /a

But I don't think this is the solution to your problem. This will stop you from being shutdown, but I would be willing to bet that there is some nasty virus that's making this happen (Sasser.F).

This Site Might Also Help:

Good Luck, And May The Source Be With You.

Ok thanks you guys..Ive found the viruses..its not Sasser..its I-Worm/Plexus.A and IRC/Backdoor.SdBot...

Now another problem...they keep on coming back!! after the system scan and deletion of files infected...they come back again. Prolly after 2 hours I get them again.. What do i do to stop them from coming back? Thanks again..:)

I don't like to give it as advice, but you could boot into "safe mode" and then delete them. That might do the trick.

Hello All..

I have a problem on my pc.Error message is "LSA Shell Export Version encountered a problem and need to close. We have created an error report that you can send to help us improve LSA Shell Export Version . We will treat this report as confidential and anyonomous." I already run FxSasser.exe and I already upgraded Window XP Service Pack 2. How to remove this error....


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