when I start windows (win98se) I get the msg:

Windows protection error
You need to restart your computer
Press any key to continue.....

It is possible to run it at the safe mode, but I don't know what to do there, I tried removind the programs by uncheck the "Load startup droup items" using the msconfig, but it didn't help.

I'm not sure if my question belongs here or to the windows section, tell if i should move it please.


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sure my friends

The solution was uninstalling the display drivers (nvidia) using the add/remove software via the control pannel, then removing then using the device manager.
Then installing than again (of course, this all was made under safe mode)

now it works again without that protection error msg



I've checked for viruses any spywares but there was none

The last thing before the problaim came was fixing the display driver, so I decided to remove it, it didn't help, but usind the device manager did it.

The thing is that now I face a new problem: I cannot see anything by the TV screen, I've tried every way of setting but all I see is a black screen.
the computer monitor has the usual picture


You may have to reinstall the drivers for the TV adaptor.

but it is the same one.
Doesn't help

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