ok lately some weird things have been happening on my computer for example this system process ciscv.exe has started to take up a lot of my cpu usage like 50 or so which isnt normal. also when i right click or try to open things an install msi comes up telling me to install macromedia contribute and i have to hit cancel like 50 times before i can get to what i want. if you have any ideas on how to fix this please tell me. i wish i could post a hjt log but hjt doesnt work for me it loads up and then says there is an error and asks me if i want to debug it.

try start -> run
type msconfig
click the startup tab and copy out everything in there.

Have you tried using adaware, spybot, online virus scans etc?

i did a virus scan (nothing) ad-aware scan(nothing out of the ordinary) microsoft anitspyware scan(nothing out of the ordinary) registry mechanic scan(all the times that i hit cancel created a registry error 213 problems found). I dont know how to copy the start up list from msconfig. and yes i did try and let the install run all the way.