Hi, I have a friend who insists on using Incredimail, is it spyware and are there problems with it?????:rolleyes:

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Many people say they use Incredimail and have no problems with it. I had it myself and started having trouble after one day, though it may have been a coincidence -- haven't dared try it again :)

Here are a couple of sites that have negative things to say about it, but there are many that praise it as well; probably best to let your friend decide for him/herself.


I have Incredimail on my PC for my daughter. There is a dll file which I think is called *Imhook* that I deleted as it is meant to be the bad file in the program.

Thanks dlh6213 and Crunchie, for the advice, I have forwarded the info to my friend so she can make up her own mind.

Thanks Bob.

At IncrediMail, we are committed to the improvement of the IncrediMail application as well as the satisfaction of our users. We value your feedback and will take it into account as our services evolve.

IncrediMail is not spyware. We are certified by industry leading groups as 100% spyware free. In fact, IncrediMail vehemently opposes any kind of behavioral targeting and believes strongly in providing our customers a safe and free email experience. ([snip][/snip])

Thank you for considering IncrediMailâ„¢. And please visit us at [snip][/snip] to learn more.

The IncrediMail Media Team

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