Hi to my great family at Daniweb !
I have a HP Compaq nx9010 laptop with Windows XP on it.
It was loaded down with viruses, trogans etc...
I downloaded Malwarebytes and installed it.
I began using it and after a while, the battery died. Now, I only get briefly BLUE SCREENED with the message.... UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME
I can't go back to the LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION, can't get into Safe Mode, or any of the choices given. It just keeps rebooting after the BSOD. I went into the BIOS and reset everything back to defaults. I tried booting from the hard drive first, the cd rom first and that didn't help either . HELP. I can't find the reinstallation disc either. I took out the hard drive and put it back in to make sure it was in there good. I went to the Microsoft web page about this and that didn't help me much.
Do any of you all have any suggestions on how to get this laptop to boot ?
Any and all help will be GREATLY appreciated !!

Use the windows boot cd, boot into repair console run chkdsk /r

I have ordered an Installation CD from HP, Compaq and I should recieve it by Tuesday. When I get it, I will run the "repair" console and I will let ya know how it came out. I don't have a "boot cd". I have a program called Winternals ERD Commander 2005, which advertises that it can fix boot problems. I couldn't figure that program out so I will have to wait for the Installation CD.

Usually hp installation cd's will wipe the hard drive and erase all the data if you want to do that, You can download a copy of a bootable recovery console burn the .iso to a cd and boot to it if you don't want to wait or risk loosing any data


hey there .

i have repaired windows with this error a few times .

the problem can b easily solved by just booting from that xp recovery console which a user has posted above ,
then press R when setup loads to go to commandline recovery console, select ur windows installation by 1 . then give admin password .

then type fixboot

press y when it ll prompt u ,
then it ll say something like a new bootsector has been written on c drive .

type exit , press enter . it SHOULD boot u this time to ur desktop...

I just got the discs in today. One Operating System CD disc and one driver recovery disc. I will try the above suggestion when I get off work tonight at about 12 midnight. Thanks for all your replies !!!

I tried twice to install UBCD4WIN. Niether time did it install right. I went http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/download.htm
and I selected "CD IMAGE", made a bootup disc and that fixed the hard drive. Once I got the hard drive fixed I was able to clean it and update it. I want to thank everyone who gave advice !!!! I really appreciate you all !!!