i recently bought a DELL computer last september and one month after usage i got alot of viruses. Iinstalled an anti virus to my computer and couldn't delete them, i had about 20 viruses. Then i told my friend about it and she recommended to unistall my anti virus and dowmload Winantivirus Pro 2005 to my computer. I did these about two weeks ago and when i ran the program it told me that i had about 100 infected files and was able to delete almost all of them exept for 20 files that i have tried to delete but will not. Two of my roomates use my computer and i had created their own individual account. According to the Winantivirus Pro 2005 they each had 5 unremobable viruses.

Last week i ran the Winantivirus Pro 2005, (as it is i was not able to use the internet explorer, i was able to use the internet with DSL only) the following moorning my computer would start but the start button would not appear at all and about 10 seconds later a window would appear letting me know that due to missing data the computer will shut down in 50 seconds.

I don't know what to do, please help me anyone out there.

Try doing a system restore back to a point before you had the problems, then install the AV and a firewall.

Thanks crunchie and dlh6213 for responding to my question. Today i tried doing the system restore to the last time i used my conputer before this problem occured but the problem now is that when i go to the system restore page it takes a while to open it up, that by the time the page opens a window appears telling me the my computer will shut down in 50 seconds. By these time what ever window i opened automatically closes and my computer shuts down. My computer shuts down on me to fast for me to do anything.

Is there anything else that i could do?

Did you try booting into Safe Mode yet as dlh6213 suggested?

If not, try that. Let us know if the computer still reboots itself while in Safe Mode.

Also, as soon as you get the shutdown warning message, do the following:

Click on your Start button and then click on the "Run..." menu option. In the "Open:" box of the resulting dialog window, type:

shutdown -a

and then press Enter.

If you can do this quickly enough you may be able to abort the shutdown.

DMR, thanks for the suggestion, i would gladly follow those steps, but the problem is that when i sign into my account my computer shows me the icons on the screen but it does not show me my start up button at the lower left hand. I have tried going into save mode by going to "my computer" icon but since the computer takes along time to open any page, by the time that the page is open for me to proceed the automatic shut down window appears.
Is there another way that i could go about and go to "Run" ?
By going to "Run" would that eliminate my computer to automatically stop shuting down on me?
Is there another way that i could go about to eliminate the automatic shut down?

Tap (repeatedly) the F8 key while the computer is starting up to get into Safe Mode

Sorry- I missed what you said about the start button in your first post. Just out of curiousity, do you get any part of the Task Bar at all, or just a desktop background with icons on it?

dlh6213 is right about the way you need to get into Safe Mode- you have to get there by hitting F8 just as the computer is booting up, but just before Windows itself begins its normal start-up. Getting just the right timing can be tricky. If you hit the F8 key too early or too late, Windows will proceed to boot into its normal mode; just keep rebooting and trying.

thanks for the information you guys i am going to try that today :lol:

Cool- give it a shot, and let us know the results :)