I'm an IT consultant and aspiring blogger, and in a recent discussion witha collegue about security software I realized I really didn't have anything to go on but user reviews and popularity. I want to write an article doing a comparative analasys of different antivirus software by testing them on identical (and isolated) virtualbox iamnges. I'd rather not go into any other details openly as to not give the opportunity to beat me to it.

My problem is infecting the system... As of now my only recourse would be to open junk-mail, go to dangerous sights, and download skeezy software cracks from torrent sites... but I'd prefer something a little more "scientific". Does anybody have any suggestions (perhaps a place to contact for a "test pack" of common viruses)? I'd be happy to take responses by PM if privacy is a concern of yours and do whatever need be to brove my credibility.

PS: If any moderator feels this post is innapropriate please PM me and I'd be happy to remove it. It is completely in the spirit to which it's presented and I'd hate for this project to negatively effect my reputation here at Daniweb.