Hi! I'm just trying to 86 this people. Since I was adviced here to check out with you any download place's software to make sure it has no "passengers" (meaning trojans, adware, etc.) like it happened to me once with a loaded version of WinZip, I'm submitting this for review. Does anyone know these people? One can download a 2 month free version of Bullguard at


Before I try it, I would like someone to tell me if they're okay. . .
I move a lot around the internet because I do errands for some elderly relatives that are not computer savvy but like to shop online, among other things, and I get hammered by a lot of critters. I've learned here how to survive, but my machine is never completely clean and it hops, and skips, and drags, and crawls along its tasks. I survive from day to day, but that's about it. I use Spybot and Adaware, but the free versions don't seem to know the new crud, and it passes right through them, like a sieve. I get error messages from Explorer, or the machine freezes upon boot up, or it won't shut down right, that's how I know. Anyway, I just wanted to try these people, to see if I can unload some new barnacles I might have (I am cleaning my temp files like I was adviced, so I think I just have tatters of pests, like broken cobwebs, but they bother nonetheless.)
I just want to know if anyone knows that site and if the stuff is good.
Thank you!

Bullguard is a piece of garbage.... back away from it slowly. I've seen it screw up more than one system.

check in my signature ,spyware tool ,for blockers and removal tool most free ,all free ,check out spwareblaster and spwareguard ,and iespyad for sure ,
Get AD-Aware,and Spy-Bot search and destroy for removal of spyware .

I'm so glad I asked!!!!
Thank you guys. ;)

Thanks again! I will click on the link and see how it goes. . . :)

I went to the Microsoft of the Beta but it says it is for Win. XP, I have Windows ME. . .am I excluded? Please let me know, I don't want to mess up my Windows with stuff that is not for it since I'm only a beginner at this techie stuff. :lol: