My son just called me and said he's been trying to start his computer(windows xp), and when it starts up it goes into the black and white safe mode choice screen, flickers, thjen goes to blue screen which says somethng like: "windows shut down to prevent damage to computer......uninstall all anti virus programs......plus some other things lke run chkdsk.....etc. but he can't get into the system to run anything. He tried turning it on and off with the power button, but the same thing keeps repeating..........Is there anything he can do.

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Has he tried safe mode? If so, might want to take a look at the recovery console on the XP install CD, can't remember the commands though, but Google could help you with that part.

He can't get into safe mode......when he tries F8, it stops on the safe mode choice screen, but afterwards when he punches any choice, it goes back to the blue screen, and a bunch of numbers, etc.....

I'd definitely start doing some searching on using the recovery console. Otherwise I'd be looking at installing XP overtop of itself without a format, backing up your data then doing a clean re-install. It could potentially be a hardware problem, bad memory etc. If a re-install works then you've effectively ruled that out.

i had a similar problem with my laptop recently...my hard drive was shot. completly. no one knows why (even the manufacture). i would deffanatly call the help line for your computer. no one could help me...RIP...:( so just to be safe, call them and they can step you (hopefully) through the problem.

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