I have been at college for the past year and apparently my mom doesnt know how to use a computer properly because its a total wreck. Here are the problems with it:

(I have Windows VISTA)

Control Panel will not open
Internet Explorer keeps opening by itself over and over again (blank pages)
Cannot uninstall Internet Explorer

I downloaded Google Chrome to see if that would fix the problem but I get an error message on every page.

I have used Malaware and Mcafee, both detect nothing.

Is there any programs that can check whats wrong with everything or someway I can fix these problems?

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First of all, bad idea to install another program when the cause of the problem is unknown. Uninstall that Google Browser for now....What do you mean when you say...Error on every page? What does the error say?
When you say you ran Malware, I certainly hope you mean Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. We need to see the log, even if nothing shows. Be sure to UPDATE it before running, there is a new version out today.
We also need to see a HiJackThis log.
Post back with both of those.

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