I have a weird issue at work.
It would seem it is my pc but dont know what

THere are certain websites i go onto regularly i.e. www.fmttm.com

Sometimes i am straight onto it and sometimes i have to sit and wait for it to load.

If i try the same site on another pc in the office it works straight away.

Any ideas what this could be ?


Let see some possibilities:
Different version of browser (update...),
Old java/flash module could cause it.,
Block of some content,
Nasty type ,
Prefetch/cache/cookies set different (after reboot slow, later fast...)

It would by good to tell us more details. How often, happens after start of PC....

I have a HP DX2000 2.8GHz, 768 RAM, WIN XP and using Firefox

As I say, one day in the future it will work normally then will go back to being slow on certain websites.
I can be waiting anything upto 5 mins for a page to load, but it does load eventually !!

Any ideas what i can do as i have done all the normall spyware stuff. Spybot, Ad Aware


I have a HP DX2000 2.8GHz, 768 RAM, WIN XP and using Firefox


Next possibilities:
Internet setting is a bit different then by others.(proxy, network settings)
Add ons in Firefox

Try to build a new profile in Firefox and if that won't help reinstall the Firefox. Maybe everyone else has a new (install of) Firefox, and your was just "upgraded" to higher version.

Get an add on for Firefox called fasterfox. It was design to speed browsing. That could help.

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