Hi everyone,

I've been helping a friend via messenger because she's got a bunch of adware and whatnot on her computer. She was only using AdAware, so I walked her through installing Spybot S&D and running it. I also had her install SpywareBlaster.

She rebooted her computer afterward, and now none of her desktop icons work. They all tell her to find the target......she can open everything if she goes into her Programs folder and clicks on the icons there, but if she creates a new shortcut to the desktop it doesn't work.

I'm a little confused because I've never had anything like this happen and I'm not sure why it's doing this after running Spybot...

Can anyone please help me?!

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Run Spybot again and use the recovery option to reinstate whatever was removed.

Was going to have her do that, but it removed dozens of items. That's why I wanted to ask if anyone knew of anything in particular that Spybot may have removed that would affect the desktop this way. I know it's hard without seeing what it picked up.....I'm trying to help her the same way, lol!

Thanks... ;)

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