I am having a problem that looks like it was solved before, but I was not sure if I should just follow the aforementioned recommendations.

I just firefox, and lately, when I click on search results from google, I get redirected to false websites- not always, just most of the time.

My computer also got the perfect defender on it now:(

Can someone help me remove these, and guard against the threat in the future?

I think they may have gotten caught whilst looking for streaming videos:( d'oh!

thanks for the help!

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For a start...
==download hijackthis: http://www.majorgeeks.com/download5554.html
-copy it to a new FOLDER placed either alongside your program files or on your desktop and then... rename hijackthis.exe to imabunny.exe
-in that folder start HijackThis by dclicking the .exe
-CLOSE ALL OTHER APPLICATIONS and any open windows including the explorer window containing HijackThis.
-click the Scan and Save a Logfile button. Post the log here.

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