Alright, so i just restarted my computer yesterday and when it opened to the welcome screen (XP PRO w/ SP2) it was all written in a different font (marlett i later figured out) and so it's all symbols and squares and quite the mess. So, naturally, i logged into my account and every thing that involves font is written in that specific font. Thankfully i kno a thing or two about computers and am able to navigate myself around my computer somewhat and get certain things done. I use mozilla firefox and that isn't messed up at all so i am able to research the virus. Previously, i had McAfee that was provided by my school, but i uninstalled that and just installed Trend Micro PC-cillin and that quarantined the virus and now it is deleted, but yet my computer is still in the goofy font. I went into control panel, opened up the fonts folder and it is empty, and that freezes my screen for a few and when it comes back it is in normal font, but then if i restart my computer after that, it is back in the symbols. I am completely lost at this point and need some help before i get kicked off of the network here at U of M!!


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Try doing a system restore back to a point before the problem occurred.

undefinedundefinedThat probably would have been a good idea, but Trend Micro's V-Scan found and deleted the file, and after deleting all my temp files and doing a couple other basic things, it fixed itself and all the fonts are loaded back thankfully and i can FINALLY read everything on my screen! So far, I'm very pleased with PC-cillin. I appreciate your reply though, thanks.

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