There is a virus called "flashy.exe" spreading in my company .
that virus is always quick spreading from memory stick.

on the infected memory stick, all real folders are hidden.
it make all read folder to .exe with their respective folder names and all icons are like
normal folder.

and there is another folder named flashy.exe which is the main virus.

whenever we unconsciously doubleclick the memory stick, it starts loading flashy.exe from the root folder of
memory stick(flash drive)

and then it is in the running process on the task manager.
and got into the computer.

destructions on flash drive is all.

since it got into the computer, the first thing it does is removing folder option from Tool menu.
If it becomes worse, it remove or change bultin administrator password.

if much worse, it disable run/regedit and taskmanager.

i am sure it has some strains. sometimes i found with the name flashybot.exe is running in the process.
sometimes flashy.exe.

I still can't get the main source of that virus.
It also wrote in registry. I saw many points for flashy.exe in registry.
but it is not over on the infected machine.
if we restarted PC, it shows again in the registry and Process tab of taskmanager.

what i mean is to remove flashy virus on memory stick is easy.
but to remove flashy permanently from a computer is really out of question now.
because of hidden folder options , lost admin pwd, no task manager, and no regedit.

I really want to get free removal tool to rid of that flashy virus.

i searched all norton, bitdefender, and avg websites.
They still don't offer it.

How can i get my solution?? how can my PC recover from that bleeping flashy virus.??
any body help me??

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I really want to get free removal tool to rid of that flashy virus.

Have you tried removing it via MBA-M? I suggest you try the steps outlined in the linky below and then post the requested scanlogs. Hopefully one of the more regular volunteers will be able to assist you further.

Be sure to have MBA-M Remove the infections that it finds....


Best Luck :)


hello sorry for the late reply... i've already removed the flashy.exe running in registry....

but another problem is i can't log in on root administrator because it changed the built-in administrator so i can't access it....

task manager and folder options, regedit are ok now....

i've used hijackthis in safe mode to remove the virus...



built in root administrator password is gone or changed i mean..

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