Hello everyone!

Can someone please help me find out how I can have a desot.exe virus removed from a PC. When I log on; Window is runnning okay, but I get a message box with the desot.exe message and I cannot remove it from the desktop.

I have tried to run a McAfee scan, but it will not detect any virusus. Also the is a backdoor error message when I try to open any link from Internet Explorer. None of my applications or Internex Explorer are working.

Help me Please!


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Please Run the ESET Online Scanner and post the ScanLog with your post for assistance.

  • You will need to use Internet Explorer to complete this scan.
  • You will need to temporarily Disable your current Anti-virus program.
  • Be sure the option to Remove found threats is Un-checked at this time (we may have it clean what it finds at a later time), and the option to Scan unwanted applications is Checked.
  • When you have completed that scan, a scanlog ought to have been created and located at C:\Program Files\EsetOnlineScanner\log.txt. Please post that log for us as directed below.

NOTE: If you are unable to complete the ESET scan, please try another from the list below:

Kaspersky Online Scanner Panda Active Scan Trend Micro HouseCall F-Secure Online Virus Scanner

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