Here is a link that was sent to me today through Windows Live messenger from someone I do know and it had multiple links all the same.

But they dont even know it come from there machine.

haha, hot PICS?? SNIP

I changed my email address to youremail.

If you clkick on it ,it wants to save or run as it ends in jpg.EXE.
So I warn you from instaslling it as it could be fatal.

I have AVG 8.5 and it wont pick it up if I save it and scan it, but i will not run it to see what it does.

We need some one to test its strength to see how bad it could be.


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Yes sorry rik, I had no intension of deliberately spaming my website ,I just useit as my signature ,I wont use it again.
My aim to for people to see about this virus link that is there, Please do not click on it but i want someone to find out its true strength of distruction and place out a warning to Windows live messenger usaers to be aware of its exposure.



here is picture of virus link from windows live messenger to me.

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