ok long story short was on internet comp came up with a bunch of errors with some windows dll and i dont know what it is now

then my kaspersky internet security was like HOLY SHIT VIRUS and told me to restart to clean it up

i did that then when i got back to windows screen went black and this automatic instillation of System tools pops up and it says OH UR COMP IS INFECTED buy this program so i can help u (scam / the virus) so i cant do anything right when i log on my comp i cant click any thing nothings loading and its just black and system tools program is up... help PLEASE any way havent tried safe mode yet

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ok got safe mode and ran MBAM and it found the trojans BUTTT it said i have to restart and should i restart into safe mode again or normal?


Restart in normal mode and post that MBA-M log here.

MBA-M is meant to be run in normal mode UNLESS this is impossible. Since this was the case for you you need to next do the following in NORMAL mode:

Update MBA-M and run another FULL SCAN and have it REMOVE ALL FOUND. REBOOT again and post THAT log here.


i got it it somehow ran in safe mode and removed the trojan but ever thing is good now i did a full scan on normal and nothing was detectad


I will not nor cannot say the system is clean until I see logs. The choice is yours. If you feel it is clean mark this solved.

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