I am posting this from my lap top. I have WPP on my desk top which has Windows XP Home Edition for OS. I can get into safe mode with command prompt and also start Windows normally but when I try to start safe mode with networking it just shuts down.
When I open Windows I get the repeated Infection messages from WPP and when I try to go om any malware sites it blocks them. I have Norton and it wont let me run that either.
Can some one please help!!

Was infected with the same virus just 2 weeks ago, my wife was searching for free video converter sites and she said she clicked on one 3rd from the top of a google search and after that the computer was full of malware. The bogus a/v pops up saying you are infected and need to pay to use the included software to get rid of it, obviously that is not the way to get rid of it. What I did to first gain access to my pc was to Ctrl/Alt/Del the software to get into my real a/v software and run a scan. Thing is this virus is pretty complex when compared to most others so after mcAfee, my a/v (at the time), "cleared" the tojans I thought all was good until the next day the same thing poped up but was called something else. If I remember right first once was Police pro then the second one was called Security Tool.

With Police pro I was able to ctrl/alt/del the software but it would come back up in 5-10 seconds but long enough to open up my a/v, once you get a program up it should stay since the virus blocks .exe files from starting but they seem to opperate once their up.
The second one (security tool) was a little trickier to gain acces to programs, it would block the task manager aswel so once it would run at startup nothing could be opened. What I had to do is double click my a/v program shortcut the second it poped up at start-up before the malware software opened.

Can some one please help!!

Let's have a quick look to see what we are dealing with:

Please download FindWPP.zip and RightClick on FindWPP.zip and Extract the FindWPP folder to your Desktop.
-- Inside the folder, you'll see RunThis.bat - DoubleClick it and let it run for as long as it takes.
A log should pop up - please post that for me.

Cheers :)

I ran full scans and removed countless trojans with mcAfee, but turns out mcAfee is complete crap, also tried Spyware docter with the same outcome, the viruis always came right back like it had some hitted file that would never get removed and it would copy the virus software right back into the place it was deleted. The only way to my knowledge you can remove this virus comepletely is to use MalwareBytes Anti-Walware, it is free and very effective. After that I havent noticed any signs of viruses, I now use Comodo it has a free version with an internet firewall which prevents this from happening.http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/download_firewall.html

I have only made these reccomendations because I went through this whole thing myself recently, the techs here will be able to help you more thoroughly. They can have you run scans and with the reports of those scans give you more educated advise of how to get ride of the infections for good.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I managed to run task manager and stop WPP from running and downloaded malwarebytes to remove it. I think that has fixed it.

Now the major trojans should be gone so your PC should be ok, if you want a more extensive cleaning philliephan can walk you through a few more steps to ensure it is clear. But the most important thing is to get a reliable anti virus and fire wall.