ok daownloaded it to the infected computer and ran it again,i have ful access to everything but wanna be sure that the virus is gone,here is the second log you asked for

OK - looking more closely, you've got traces of a potentially unrecoverable malware. The need for a reformat is a real possibility here.

You can try this:
-- Please delete your copy of ComboFix and download a fresh one to your Desktop
-- Download CFScript.txt to your Desktop as well
-- Close ALL browser windows and then drag CFScript.txt into ComboFix.exe just like this.

-- Let Combofix run as before and post me that log.

Also - I would like to check to see if these are infected:

Go here ---> and use the Browse Button at the top of the page to navigate to each of those items and and Submit them for analysis. Let me know what you find.

PP :)

I attached the CFScript.txt for my previous post.

PP :)

i did the install,but for the life of me,i cannot figure out how to shut down norton short of removing it completely

i did the install,but for the life of me,i cannot figure out how to shut down norton short of removing it completely

I am not particularly familiar with Norton, but I would imagine that if you RightClick your Norton tray icon you'd have the option to disable it.

I understand that some Norton has "software tamper protection" that needs to be disabled before other changes can be made. You'd probably need to do this before being able to completely shut it down.

To disable Tamper Protection:
1. Start Symantec AntiVirus.
2. On the Configure menu, click Tamper Protection.
3. Uncheck Enable Tamper Protection.
4. Click OK.

It might vary from product to product.....

PP :)

I got hit with the windows police pro virus,and it has locked up everything,i cant get into control panel,task manager,hell not even the calculator,i have tried every command listed for restarting task manager or regedit,but cannt get access,i cant even log into safe mode,i dont know what else to try,now im posting on an old computer,I am completely stumped here,i was able to run a virus program that has deleted a lot of viruses,but I am still locked out please any help would be great,thanks

Mike, are you able to remove the drive, place in your old system, then run a virus scan on that drive from the old pc? this may clear out enough to let you clean up the drive once it is back in original unit. Have you tried starting in safe mode and doing a restore?

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