I've posted here because this problem feels like a nasty of some kind...

Has anyone had any problems with Word? I'm using an old version of Office 2000. I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 3 (build 2600) - the problem is that Word stops (just started going this in the last few weeks) and says:

Word has encountered an error and needs to close

No explanation, no chance to backup...you know the one. I started noticing this when using the Send dialog from Word to send the doc as an attachment via email. The strange part is that my wife's computer, out of all the 11 computers on our network, same Media Center Edition with SP3, has started doing the same thing.

I'm just considering the troubleshooting parameters with that information when:

This last time this happened to the wife, just now, her computer sends a message...you need to update Word. Can there be an incompatibility that's just cropped up? I've been using this same setup for a few years with no problem. Right now seems like it may be an issue with Outlook but thought I'd ask the group for input. Many Thanks!

You didn't happen to hook up a new printer when this started happening did you?

I ask because I have a similar error in word related to my printer that there is no solution for except to change my default printer.

no new printers...