hey so i think i got this virus from downloading a game from frostwire a few weeks back. i checked it for viruses with my avg and it said there was nothing and when i opeded it nothing happen. so i did a scan immeditly and it said there was like 2 or 3 infections and i tried to remove them but wasn't able to. it was telling me i wasn't able to get into the virus vault and is still saying that. and now my computer seems to be getting slower, and sometimes even freezes.

so i tried deleting AVG and going with a differn't anti virus program but i am still unable to delete AVG it keeps saying avgrsx.exe or avgnsx.exe or avgwdsvc.exe problem has occured.

and in the past two days or so my computer has been clicking icons on my desktop for no reason like 50-100 times. and then becomes just won't work.

anyone got any idea's of what it could be?
any help would be greatly appretiated.

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