Hi there, i was wondering if anybody can help me get rid of this so called rootkit my laptop has, my avg tells me it is there and that it is hidden. It also tells me that rebooting will delete it, but ahhh, after rebooting 10 times now, i kinda have given up, as it is still there! I have tried finding it in my programs, not there. C\Windows\system32\drivers\GETPADD.sys is what it is....can anyone help me to get rid of this please, i would greatly appreciate it....

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Please download GMER Rootkit Scanner:

-- DoubleClick the .exe file and, if asked, allow the gmer.sys driver to load.
-- If you receive a warning about Rootkit Activity and GMER asks if you want to run a scan, Click NO

-- Make sure the Rootkit/Malware Tab is selected (Top Left of GMER GUI)
Along the Right Side of the GMER GUI there will be a number of checked boxes. Please Uncheck the following:
- Sections
- Drives or Partitions other than your Systemdrive (usually C:\)
- Show All (be sure this one remains Unchecked)

-- Then, click the Scan Button
Allow the scan as long as it needs and then save the log to where you can easily find it and post it for us.

***Disconnect from the internet and do not run any other programs while GMER is scanning. Temporarily disable any real-time anti-spyware or anti-virus protection so they do not interfere with the running of GMER.
Post back with the log.

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