Hey, I have been reading other posts about getting rid of these things, but I'm at a loss as to where to begin. I have just installed Norton - didn't help, I have updated to SP2, I have all the available Windows and Microsoft Updates, I have installed Stinger, Microsoft AntiSpyware, Yahoo, Spybot, and not sure what else.

IE home page keeps resetting to about:blank, and AIM closes out when I try to send or receive messages. I am stuck in Japan without English help and need someone to walk me through this... I'm a bit computer unsavvy. Let me know if anyone has ideas


Ok, now its getting pretty messy... I have DL about:Buster and HijackThis, as ZIP files, onto my desktop, but I'm unable to unzip them, much less do anything with them. When I click on them, a Norton Screen pops up wih the following message:

Object Name C:\WINDOWS\system32\syseq32.exe
Virus Name Trojan Horse
Action Taken Unable to repair this file

Click ok... new screen pops up with Action Taken Access to this file was denied.

Also continues to give new names like syszf.exe, msgc.exe, etc.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help. I was unable to get any help from the Japanese men I spoke to at a computer shop :?: