I keep getting these error messages and my browsers. . IE, FoxFire, and Enigma keep crashing. I was told to rename my host files to oldhosts and let my machine download new ones. It worked for a couple of days but now the problem is back. Can someone please help me? I have run all the scans for trojans, worms and spyware and they are all clean. I have run scandisk, defragged, checked for updates on everything and even used pc bugdoctor. I can't find anything wrong but this problem persists. I am on XP SP2.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.

That does nothing to help me because I dont have my scanner or printer even connected at this time. I guess that I will reformat again. I can't keep a browser open because my host files all seem to be broken.

Run msconfig and check the startup list for any of these:


All are added by various viruses or worms.

Let us know if you find any of these or any other starnge entries.


I do see these two strange looking things but have no clue if they are supposed to be there or not. The things you said to look for are not there at all. Anyway, I am including two more screen shots so that you can see what I see. Thank you for trying to help me.

Hi again. You have said that you were told to rename your Hosts file, but where were you told that? You also stated that you "have run all the scans for trojans, worms and spyware and they are all clean." Were those tests the ones suggested by people here?

Checking your profile and post history jere indicates that you haven't, in fact, taken this problem to our Viruses, Spyware & Nasties forum section? This certainly looks like the work of a 'nasty' which you've picked up from somewhere.

I'm moving this topic there, because we have people giving assistance in that section who are far more knowledgeable than the 'computer guy' you mentioned in an earlier topic ;)

For every User listed under C:\Documents and Settings, delete the entire contents of these folders (not the folders themselves):

Local Settings\Temp
Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

Delete the entire contents of your C:\Windows\Temp folder.

Delete the entire contents of your C:\Temp folder (if you have one).

Do a search for *.tmp and delete all entries found.

(Note: if any of these temporary files cannot be deleted while in ‘normal mode,’ try Safe Mode.

Empty the Recycle Bin.

If you still have HijackThis, update it to the current version (1.99.1) or you can get the self-extracting version of it from here (in line 2):

Then, close any open browser windows, 'Scan and Save Log' with hijackthis, copy the log, and paste it here in this thread.