Last day I have formated my computer and installed a fresh copy of windows XP SP1. Then I tried to install MS Office 2007. It shows that it need SP2 or later. So I deceided to download SP2 from microsoft site which is 266 MB huge. I have started at night. On other day morning when i have started there is only xp wallpaper. windows explore.exe has been shut off. I even can't open the task manager to start explorer.exe. I restarted the computer and it opened well. After a few second explorer.exe automatically restarts and had an error of "send or don't send". If happens again and again. So I have installed Malwarebytes and scan all drives. He found 30 infected files from c drive. My computer was only a day older. Then that night i started downloading SP2 again after installing avast. But same happend it again. Avast is installed and working but it happed it again. Now i scan from malwarebytes again it found 2 infected files. Whats happening... How can i stop my computer behaving like this. Please Help...

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Where did you download the SP2 products? Maybe the source of file was corrupted. Try to download it from the trusted site or best at Microsoft web-site. If you're PC is still new then the easiest way is to format it again then install the clean version of Windows then re-download the SP2.

Please download the installer then before you install it, scan the installer file using Malwarebytes.

Hope it helps.

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