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Last day I have formated my computer and installed a fresh copy of windows XP SP1. Then I tried to install MS Office 2007. It shows that it need SP2 or later. So I deceided to download SP2 from microsoft site which is 266 MB huge. I have started at night. On other day morning when i have started there is only xp wallpaper. windows explore.exe has been shut off. I even can't open the task manager to start explorer.exe. I restarted the computer and it opened well. After a few second explorer.exe automatically restarts and had an error of "send or don't send". If happens again and again. So I have installed Malwarebytes and scan all drives. He found 30 infected files from c drive. My computer was only a day older. Then that night i started downloading SP2 again after installing avast. But same happend it again. Avast is installed and working but it happed it again. Now i scan from malwarebytes again it found 2 infected files. Whats happening... How can i stop my computer behaving like this. Please Help...

Where did you download the SP2 products? Maybe the source of file was corrupted. Try to download it from the trusted site or best at Microsoft web-site. If you're PC is still new then the easiest way is to format it again then install the clean version of Windows then re-download the SP2.

Please download the installer then before you install it, scan the installer file using Malwarebytes.

Hope it helps.