I stupidly opened a email saying to update windows live and ever since i have had trouble with my XP. i realised after that it was not what it seemed as the email was some stupid thing. all my computer has become large all the pages all the text everything. I can no longer go to set restor points as after running right to the end and restarting the computer it says it cannot be done also i can not open my hotmail messanger if i try it tells me to update the new version however when i attempt this it just puts my computer in idle and nothing happens. Could someone please help me i have ran spybot and malwares and avg however the problem is always there when i restart my computer it also hid outlook express and now i found it it is so large that i can not read my emails because thay dont fit on the page as well as.

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run malware bytes at safe mode..check if it will help

As stated this was already tryed.

Thanks for your post.


sorry for the simplistic question, but have you tried to resize your screen resolution?

Yes it is on every page i open not one page.
Have i understood you corectly?

Thanks for the reply

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